Once-in-a-life-time 3 Freeze dried Fruit Flavors You Must Try!!

top 3 freeze dried fruit

          At present, freeze dried fruit are popular since they can maintain the flavor and smell of the fruits as close as real fresh fruits. Plus, fruits are healthy, so there is no more guilty feeling. There are many flavors for everyone to try, but the most popular flavors right now are as follows:

  1. Freeze dried durian – with unique flavor and smell from selected mature durians, our Starry FD durian is the closest thing to fully-ripe great durian.
  2. Freeze dried mangosteen – there might be a few things that you cannot stop eating once started, and Starry FD mangosteen can easily be one of them. With our selected bite-sized pieces of whole mangosteens, this is the flavor that wins the hearts of Thais and foreigners around the world.
  3. Freeze dried mango sticky rice – a classic traditional Thai desserts with innovative and unique taste. A treat for those who love Thai desserts.

          Starry, as one of the “ten best Thai freeze dried fruit” (reference from https://th.my-best.com/51055), we guarantee that our products are delicious with smell like fresh fruits. Plus, no sugar nor preservative are added. Most importantly, they can be purchased easily both online and offline in leading department stores of Thailand.

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freeze dried durianstarry freeze dried mangosteenstarry freeze dried mango sticky rice

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