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Our Own Farm in Chanthaburi

 With selected raw materials from our own fruit farm in Tha Mai, Chanthaburi where fertility is there in every square inch of the land, Starry uses 100% real fruits with high quality for our products.
More importantly, our farm also has GAP standard that guarantees good quality produce and safety according to international level.

Production Process

The most innovative food preservation
“Freeze Drying” is the extraction of water from fruits by using the sublimation of ice in vacuum conditions. The moisture content of our products is lower than 3%, so the tastes are unique and superior while keeping the same shape and smell of fruits.
Since there is no extreme heat in the process, the nutrition values are still all there, especially for minerals, vitamins and fibers.

Quality of Packaging

Starry uses 3-layer high-quality aluminum-foil packaging. It consists of 3 layers of film as follows:
         1. PET layer
         2. Aluminum-foil layer
         3. PE layer (food grade)
This composite helps prevent sunlight, air and moisture that can come into contact with the products. Therefore, our products are perfectly fresh, crispy and delicious, not to mention that they can be stored for up to 18 months or more.

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