COVID 19 As a result, increased exports of canned products.

COVID-19, As a result, consumers prefer to buy canned and processed foods.  In the period of January to November, Thailand exported canned and processed vegetables to the world market valued at $ 455 million, an increase of 6% from the same period of 2019, with major export markets such as Japan, $ 91.7 million. Add 2%, ASEAN $ 65 million to add 18%, US $ 62.9 million to add 17%, and South Korea $ 32.1 million to add 27%.

Mrs. Oramon said that Important export market for Thai canned and processed vegetables Most of them are countries that Thailand has a free trade agreement (FTA). The trend of global demand for canned and processed vegetables It is expected to be a product that is in high demand and will grow well over the long term.

Moreover, Thailand has advantages in growing a wide variety of vegetables and has manufacturing strengths with food safety standards according to international principles


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