Thai Government Targets Fresh and Processed Fruit Exports in 2023 at 4.44 Million Tons, a 10% Increase from the Previous Year

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said the Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and related agencies from both the public and private sectors discuss together to prepare fruit management measures in 2023. Prepare the market in advance to support fruits by using 22 proactive measures covering 4 areas, from production to domestic marketing campaign for the consumption of Thai fruits to penetrate new markets abroad.


Especially in terms of durian exports, in 2023, the goal is to export durians at 100,000 million baht. In the past, there have been many provinces in the eastern region preparing for the cutting period of Monthong durian early; however, by instructing farmers not to cut young durian, durian farmers need to cut durian strictly only during the assigned harvest schedule of each province according to the authority. By this way, the durian fruits that come out to the market have higher standard and quality.

In the 3rd approach, coordinating with farmers, fruit buyers and cutters who believe that implementation of the above measures will solve the problem of the number of fruits in the market raises the price of fruit and able to push export sales as targeted.

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