Starry Is Now on Rubik Health Shop Online Platform

OSMEP and Gentosia Co., Ltd. collaborate to establish a product platform that is “Rubik Health Shop” for OSMEP members who wish to sell items to Chinese consumers who live in Thailand.


Rubik Health Shop is an online shopping platform integrating Thai products, which is dedicated to delivering Thai natural organic products worldwide. Because Thailand is located in the tropics with advantages of humid climate, Thailand is rich in plant diversity. Thailand’s natural products are favored in recent years because of their natural raw materials, excellent quality, and affordable price.

Platform partners are classic stores with a long history in Thailand, with reliable brands and complete qualification procedures. They are product manufacturers sought after by Thai consumers. The products screened by the platform are all from regular production channels and are sold after being authorized by the government, and the product quality is guaranteed. The operation system of the platform is convenient and friendly, and the exchange and return policies are flexible and fast. Direct mail from Thai manufacturers and Rubik health shop are the best choices for consumers who like Thai goods.


“Starry” is chosen to attend Rubik Health Shop online platform, and ASI is truly delighted to receive such honor. Therefore, ASI would like to express our gratitude to OSMEP and Gentosia Co., Ltd. for granting us such opportunity.



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