Visited by Minister of Finance of Thailand, Starry Exhibited in a Remarkable Event, ‘รวมพลคนกล้า พัฒนาเพื่อคนไทย 2022’ Held by EXIM

Ace Star International is proud and honored to be invited by EXIM Bank to exhibit in ‘รวมพลคนกล้า พัฒนาเพื่อคนไทย’ on November 3, 2022.  Our brand, Starry, is more than welcome and glad to make connections with many potential customers, suppliers and logistic and service providers from all over the country.

Starry by Ace Star International Trading CO., Ltd. was established in 2016. We are a manufacturer and exporter of healthy fruit snacks, which have no trans-fat and no preservative added, resulting from the use of fresh local fruits into the state-of-the-art production process to maintain the nutrition and flavors of the fruits before delivering to the consumers’ hands.

In addition, throughout the ‘รวมพลคนกล้า พัฒนาเพื่อคนไทย event, we provide super-special promotions along with free gifts of qualities Starry products such as Pineapple Chips, Mixed Fruit Chips, and Freeze-dried Durian to participants who join our enjoyable and interesting activities there.

More importantly, Starry brand feels honored that the Minister of Finance of Thailand came to visit and talk at the booth.

In addition, EXIM Bank announcing new positions and roles a brave bank to develop Thai businesses and Thailand to grow sustainably on the world stage with 3 new tools to develop upstream to downstream industries in this event. Starting from a comprehensive identity building service for Thai SMEs on the global stage, services to create overseas investment opportunities, especially New Frontiers, including CLMV, followed by services to upgrade Thai businesses to BCG. Model aims to create a low-carbon economy according to government policies. By setting a target to expand the outstanding loan to 300,000 million baht by 2027.

Of course, Starry looks forward to seeing you all in our next events to come before the year end.

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